101801 A 3200x1400 Max Mara

101801 Icon Coat

A symbol of absolute simplicity and lasting modernity, Max Mara’s 101801 Icon coat transcends the passage of time and trends. In an ever-changing world, its definitive design radiates a reassuring air of continuity, untouched since its debut in 1981. Perfect proportions and a feminine, form-flattering cut in wool and cashmere make it a favorite among women worldwide.

Schizzo A 1800x974 Max Mara
Schizzo A 1800x974 Max Mara
A work of art

Timeless and sophisticated in nature, Max Mara’s 101801 Icon Coat has been a subject of inspiration for numerous contemporary artists; international names and emerging talents alike. Every creative interpretation transforms the 101801 into a genuine work of art, marking a precious milestone in the brand’s heritage, expressing a new, unconventional perspective every time.
Fragments of the 101801 become abstract brush strokes in François Berthoud’s female-focused portraits. In a set of three surreal shots by William Wegman, the recognizable design humorously dresses the photographer’s Weimaraner. In a series of emotionally powerful pictures captured by Martine Barrat, children live the playfully protective quality of the 101801.

A Max Mara coat comes from a search for balance between fabric, shape, colour and manufacturing to reach perfection.

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