1.     By purchasing the Max Mara Gift Card, the customer accepts all terms and conditions set forth herein, which can also be viewed online at Maxmara.com/gift-card/policy.

2.     The Max Mara Gift Card is non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash unless required by law

3.     Max Mara Gift Cards are available in the following formats:

a.    A Physical Gift Card, available at participating Max Mara stores listed at Maxmara.com/gift-card/stores

b.    A Virtual Gift Card available at Maxmara.com/gift-card

4.     Max Mara Gift Cards can be used to purchase merchandise at the Max Mara stores listed at Maxmara.com/gift-card/stores and on the Maxmara.com website.

5.     Max Mara Gift Cards may be purchased in values from a minimum of $50 to a maximum of $1,999.99. The card balance may be used in a single transaction or multiple transactions either in store or online.

6.     Max Mara Gift Cards may not be purchased using discount or gift vouchers, gift certificates or gift cards..

7.     Max Mara Gift Cards are valid and may be used after activation. Physical Gift Cards are activated when purchased and issued in-store. Virtual Gift Cards purchased on the Max Mara website are activated after payment has been verified. Payment and activation of Virtual Gift Cards will be confirmed  by an email sent to the purchaser and to the beneficiary (if any) of the Gift Card.

8.     Max Mara will not be liable for delays in receiving or non-receipt of Virtual Gift Cards resulting from causes beyond its control

9.     Max Mara Gift Cards do not expire and can be used until the balance on the card is exhausted.

10.  If the total cost of the items purchased exceeds the remaining balance on the card, the difference can be paid using any form of payment accepted at a participating Max Mara store or on the Max Mara website.

11.  The remaining balance of the Max Mara Gift Card can be verified at any participating store or online at Maxmara.com/gift-card/balance.

  1. Max Mara Gift Cards do not bear the name of the purchaser or gift recipient and can be used, regardless of where purchased, by anyone who presents a card to purchase goods. The person in possession of the card is responsible for its use and safekeeping. Max Mara Gift Cards will not be replaced if lost or stolen. Max Mara and its affiliates are not liable for unauthorized use of the card.


13.  Max Mara Gift Cards obtained by fraudulent or other unlawful means are void and not valid for the purchase of goods. Max Mara reserves the right to report any fraudulent or other illegal activity to law enforcement authorities.

14.  Max Mara Gift Cards cannot be used for advertising or promotional purposes unless expressly authorized by Max Mara.

  1. Any questions or concerns regarding the use of a Max Mara Gift Card can be sent by email to customercare@usa.maxmara.com, or you can call us on 1-866-676-2962.


16.  To use the Max Mara Gift Card in store, the card must be presented at the time of purchase. Virtual Gift Cards will be accepted in store if a printed copy of the card received by email is presented or if the card is displayed on a mobile device.